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Funders ($1000 or more)

The Allegretti Foundation
Young May Cha
Cheney Galluzzi & Howard LLC.
Higgins & Schmidt
Johnson and Klein, PLLC
Newton Family Fund
The PatLow Fund
Rodman & Rodman LLC
Treece Alfrey Musat PC
The Zorrilla Law Firm
Tally Zuckerman
Zuckerman Law

Sponsors ($500 – $1000)

2nd Chair
Child Advocates of Colorado, LLC
Cianco Cianco Brown
The David Dobkin and Suzanne Gespass Fund (Princeton Area Community Foundation)
Frank Law Office
Hardy & Juba, LLC
Marci LaBranche
Mary Lacefield
Matthews Michalak Reis LLC
Kathleen McGuire
Meyer Law Office
Nashville Conflict Resolution Center
Our Mutual Friend Brewery
Ridley, McGreevy & Winocur PC
Karin Rosen
Victoria Seigel
Demetria Trujillo
Hillary Vervalin
VonFeldt & Beatty Investigators
Molly Wojcik
Dr. Paul and Gail Zwiebel

Game Changers ($250 – $500)

Elizabeth Akalin
Kimberly Anderson
Kevin Benninger
The Boyle Law Firm
Lynn Casimir
Ciancio Ciancio Brown, PC-Kristie Hagberg
CREEC (Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center)
Dancing in the Rain Consulting Inc.
Diamond Residential Mortgage Corp
Elliot Dickerson
Brandon Douglas
Bar Fausto
Ryan Finger
Five Points Pizza
Adam Frank
Christian Griffin
Matt and Marisa Gullicksrud
Iron Warrior Gym
Molly Kokesh
Mark Kourpanidis
Roslyn Kourpanidis
Michael LaGarde
Matthew Michalak Reis LLC
Melstrup & Brown
MyCore Properties
Kathryn Newell
Lily Nierenberg
Lynn Noesner
Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC
Ashley Ratliff
Roberta Reis
Allison Schmidt
Jennifer Scholes
Spark Justice Law
Tim Tarr
Rico Wint
Laura Wolf
Suzanne Zens
James Zwiebel
Elie Zwiebel

Constitutional Rights Defenders ($100 – $250)

Kristin Bailey
David Beller
Jessica Bernfeld
Allishea Bessette
Izzy Breit
Brune Law Office
Renae Bruning
Abigail Bullen
Jennifer Burnett
Amanda Butler
Angela Campbell
Jan Chodkowski
Rachel Chodkowski
Stacie Colling
Cate and Justin Croft
Cuneo Law Firm
Miriam Davis
Haley M DiRenzo
Rachel Dore
Matthew Doyle
Jared Van Driessche
Lori Ella
Hannah Evans
Haley Evans
Nick Evans
Araseli Ewert
Ian Farrell
Dani Farrell
Dana Flores
Caelan Fortes
Hannah Franzblau
Abraham Fuchs
Simon Fuchs
Geigle Law Firm
Lindsay Gish
Tristan Gorman
Carolyn Gravit
Abby Hulik
Darren Jankord
Erik Johnson
Jamie Jost
Jost Energy Law
Abby Kirkbride
Diane Kraft
Margaret Kyle
Kristin Ladd
Nick Langefels
Adam & Sarah LaPoint
Elizabeth Logemann
Laura Maggio
Josh Mangiagli
Wade Marquess
Kelsey Meilstrup
Susan Mitnick
Reyne Montoya
Nicole Mooney
Bethany Neal
Charles Nicholas
Shannon Nicholas
Cara Nord
Kurt Nordback
Chris & Suzanne Pacetti
Minita Paladino
Rachel Di Palma
Brooke Palumbo
Laura Pells
Tatum Perez
Justin Pidot
Becky Plankenhorn
Allison Rasmussen
Brendan Rodman
Nicole Rushovich
Morgan Ryan
Katrina Schaeffer
Cara Scharfer
Ed Schenkein
Anna Schubert
Elizabeth Shaw
Cat Shea
Kim Sporrer
Nancy Stewart
Jennifer Stinson
Joanne Wan
Kelsey Wasylenky
Alison Wender
Words Beyond Bars
Deborah Yim
Heather Yocum
Cory York
Andrew Lee Younkins
Mary Zhang