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Learn Your Rights in the Community (LYRIC) is an organization composed of passionate attorney and law student volunteers donating their time to empower young people to exercise their constitutional rights. Our curriculum brings constitutional law to life for young people in schools, juvenile justice facilities, and community settings. LYRIC encourages young people to become active and knowledgeable citizens who feel comfortable exercising their rights.

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Our Story

LYRIC was founded in 2009 by Colorado State Public Defenders Hannah Seigel Proff and Michael Juba, who were frustrated that so many of their young clients didn't understand their constitutional rights during interactions with the police. LYRIC was born from this need to educate young people before they have any contact with the juvenile or criminal justice systems. With the help of our donors and partners, LYRIC has grown into an organization with many active volunteers who produce educational videos and teach in person across the state of Colorado. Now, we are launching a nationwide program in the hopes of bringing the law to life in classrooms across the country. Through this effort we hope to empower young people all over the United States to learn about and exercise their rights.

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We Need You

Would you like to help LYRIC make a difference? Your support is greatly appreciated, whether you volunteer your time or contribute through charitable donation. Thank you for helping us reach more young people!

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Upcoming Events

LYRIC’s Brewing Up Justice (Annual)

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, LYRIC's 2020 Brewing Up Justice event has been indefinitely postponed. If you would still like to contribute, please consider making a donation or volunteering.

LYRIC’s Brewing Up Justice event is our annual fundraiser that brings together good friends, great drinks, and an inspiring cause. To take part, either purchase a ticket for each attendee or purcahse a sponsorship package (All sponsorship packages include a varying number of tickets depending on the contribution level; more information at the links below.). In recent years, Brewing Up Justice has been held at Our Mutual Friend Brewery, located at 2810 Larimer St., Denver, CO.

Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LYRIC’s 2020 Brewing Up Justice Event has been indefinitely postponed. If you would still like to contribute, please consider making a donation or volunteering.

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Each of our volunteers must be LYRIC-trained and either a licensed attorney or a law student. Please click the link below and fill out a registration form. We will notify you when our next volunteer training CLE will be offered. Thank you for your interest!


LYRIC relies on the generosity of our donors so that we can provide amazing educational resources to our classrooms and communities. Thank you for your support!

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Show your LYRIC pride with our selection of custom goodies. Every purchase goes directly to supporting our innovative educational programs.


We All Have Rights

Everyone within the United States has rights under the Constitution, regardless of their immigration status. LYRIC is dedicated to teaching about those rights most important in police encounters, which come from the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments.

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Kids’ Rights Talking to Police

Sixth-grader Kinaree Eichner explains the rights kids have when they are confronted by the police.

Cell Phones and the Right to Privacy

Being arrested is a terrifying experience! Lost in all the confusion can be property that police want to investigate or seize. Your phone is your life. It has a lot of sensitive information on it, and it can be a nightmare when it is confiscated by the police. After all, that information can be used against you! Kinaree Eichner goes over the right to privacy in these situations.

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